Free 3D Print Files

At Bits From Bytes HQ we are always creating new designs to print on our Rapman and 3DTouch 3D printers. But what to do with all these design files once we have proven them on our machines? How about we give them away for free to the 3D printing community?

 So here it is, an ever growing list of free 3D printing downloads. Just click the image for the file and more information.


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Lego Minifigure Display Case


 Santa Cup

 Santa Plate

 Stocking Hook


 Hanukkah 2011

 Holly Bowl
 Placecard Holder
 During December 2011 we set ourselves a challenge in the office; to create a new original and festively themed model every weekday, to 3D print it and then share the design file for free.  It was an exciting and busy month but we achieved it and now you can download the .stl files of the whole collection for free. Some designs even include dual color versions for those with multiple print heads.  Click here to visit the Advent Calendar page.    
 Tree Topper
 Candle Holder
 Snowmen Earings
 Cocktail Stirrer
 Cookie Cutter
 Biscuit Cutter
 Star Decoration
 Wreath Hook
French Greeting
 German Greeting
As Halloween approached we got in the mood to create and print something suitably spooky. Within hours the office was being taken over with freshly printed ghosts. It's lucky Pacman doesn't work at Bits from Bytes.  Click here to download and print our own free Bits From Bytes ghost design in a spookily 1980's low resolution video game style.  
English Greeting
Halloween Ghost