BFB-3000 Plus 3D Printer

Affordable, pre-assembled 3D printers right on your desktop - become a personal manufacturer today!

The BFB-3000 Plus opens up a whole new world of creativity. Quick and easy to set up, this affordable 3D printer makes personal manufacturing a reality, using the latest developments in desktop print technology to provide the ultimate 3D printing experience.

With its clear and open design, the BFB-3000 Plus 3D printer is ideal for the classroom, home or office environment. Bring your 3D CAD drawings to life - your only limit is your own imagination. Create prototypes, models, RC parts, toys… the list is endless!

  • The first pre-assembled 3D printer available from under £2,000
  • Desktop-sized with large print area (up to 275x275x200mm)
  • Additional print head options for support material
  • Reads files directly from SD card - no PC connectivity required
  • Affordable materials for uninterrupted production

This 3D printer has now been updated with a touch screen and renamed the 3DTouch.

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